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The Baldwin Red Devil Biplane at Mineola, Long Island, New York

The Baldwin Red Devil Biplane, powered by a Hall-Scott 8 engine, was largely built of steel tubing, which replaced the usual wooden structure of most biplanes of the period. It's design, by Thomas Scott Baldwin, followed the Curtiss Model D in general configuration, although the tail surfaces resembled those of the Farman Biplane. The original Baldwin Biplane featured an unusual vertical control surface on the top center of the upper wing. Baldwin Red Devils deserved their name, for they were covered in Baldwin rubberized red silk and every other surface was painted red (including, according to one contemporary source, even the tires). The definitive version appeared in May 1911, built by the C. & A. Witteman Company of Staten Island, New York. "Uncle" Tom Baldwin flew his biplane often on Long Island and on a tour of Asia. Other aviators who flew the Red Devil and were associated with Tom Baldwin included Tod Schriver, Cecil Peoli, Bud Mars, and William "Billy" Badger (who "Went West" at the Chicago International Aviation Meet in August of 1911 at the controls of a Red Devil).

The Baldwin Red Devil Biplane at Mineola, Long Island, New York


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